Angel McCormack

✦ Executive / MBA Career Counselor
✦ Marketing / Business Consultant

✦ Holistic Health / Weston A. Price Foundation

My Free e-Book: Implementing a Toxin-Free Lifestyle  (2022 Update)

Since one can't separate 'Career' from 'Life', balance and health are of the utmost importance. For the past decade sparked by the passing of a young friend to cancer, as well as my own health issues in 2014-2015 caused by over-work and stress, I immersed myself in researching preventative and holistic health. From the importance of eating organic food from sustainable sources (for our own health and the health of our earth), to eliminating toxins from our environment and personal products, to taking full responsibility for our own health, I aim to educate people how to maintain optimal health through 10,000+ hours of research I've dedicated to finding the right resources, then curating the information into an easily integrated e-Book entitled Implementing a Toxin-Free Lifestyle (2022 Update).

I continually update this eBook and will always provide this for free to all! My passion is to help all who are open to finding the answers for themselves, as I did. It takes a total departure from mainstream media and scrutinizing everything that is being sold & told to us. It takes a 90% departure from mainstream medical; I'm for the integrative approach, using medical advancements and technology for acute issues, and functional medicine for living, healing, and prevention.