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Angel McCormack

 LinkedIn Recommendations Snippets:

                  "I was thinking to myself the other day about what made Angel stand out in comparison to others I've worked with. I came to the conclusion that instead of just using words with resume building, she goes one step further and strives to use the words that best fit the person she is working with. Others focus too much on the resume itself while Angel is able to breathe a sense of the person into the resume. "  ~Erin

             "I worked with Angel when I was seeking a new senior executive role and needed to update and upgrade my resume and Linked In Profile. Her ability to take the 25+ career of a seasoned executive and concisely tailor a resume from 5 pages to 2 choosing the perfect things to highlight for my future employer was nothing short of amazing. She is a creative writing talent with significant business expertise which enables her to find the nuggets that will highlight your talents most effectively. Her turnaround time is super human and her calm and professional demeanor when working with tight deadlines was greatly soothing and appreciated! I would highly recommend Angel to anyone who needs help with career coaching and resume/Linked In updates."   -Wendy

              "For the past three years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with, for and learning from Angel McCormack. She is a leader in her field and an exceptional career counselor, who holds the highest standard in the work she produces. She goes beyond expectations to help her students and clients shine. She has an incredible work ethic and works tirelessly to help students, clients, and her team get to where they want/need to go. Her deliverables are top notch and she is the best resume writer out there. She has an impressive list of resources to support her holistic approach to career and well-being and she generously shares it with all. It is obvious that her mission is to help others learn how to help themselves. Angel is kind and compassionate in her approach and is the positive light one needs when getting caught up in the weeds of managing career/life challenges. I am continuously inspired by her and am honored to have worked with someone who consistently demonstrates leadership and accountability in whatever she does. I highly recommend working with Angel if you need support in career or holistic health coaching and counseling. She will be an amazing advocate and partner for you as she has with everyone she has worked with. -Gavan

          "Angel is one of the most effective career counselors I have ever worked with. Her ability to craft a resume, using her marketing knowledge, attention to detail and exceptional writing skills is incredible. She has built up a loyal following among our part-time current students and alumni for good reason. She created a remote-counseling model to serve her clients. She is able to balance the use of technology without losing a high-touch approach to meet (and very often surpass) the varying needs of a diverse population of MBA professionals. She is a valuable member of our team; the work she does is critically important to our overall success. She truly cares about her clients and their experience as they take their career search journeys. I enthusiastically recommend Angel McCormack."  -Inger

              "I cannot say enough about Angel and her abilities in resume writing, interviews and coaching people to present the best version of themselves. She helped me develop my resume, cover letter, practiced interviews while maintaining a professional, personable and pleasant demeanor. She is a true asset to any organization and highly recommend her services for any such endeavor."    -William

              "I worked closely with Angel to fine tune my resume and develop a more targeted career search. Her attention to detail and ability to restructure my resume into a very efficient presentation of my true background was brilliant. She is incredibly efficient, a joy to work with and I saw instant results in my job search at the time."    -Darren

             "I’ve been in HR for over 10 years and have reviewed thousands of resumes and cover letters, but when it came to writing and formatting my own I knew I needed help. I sent her the resume I had and she gave me constructive criticism, but it was an accurate critique. Then she sent me an entirely new version taking the content I had, but completely editing it into impressive language. She also completely wrote the cover letter for me which was just as impressive. The resume and cover letter she gave me landed me way more interviews, I can’t recommend her work enough, she is amazing with words!"    -Hoover

              "I cannot say enough about Angel and her expertise because she is an amazing resource. I had the pleasure of working with her when I wanted to update my resume and cover letter for a particular position. Angel reviewed the job announcement and provided guidance on how to tailor my resume and cover letter to the announcement. I received a call promptly to interview for the position and Angel provided additional information on how to prepare for the interview. If you want results I suggest you contact Angel for all of your career growth needs. You will not be disappointed."   -Rodney     

Job Search Resources, Templates, & Tools

The World is Truly Your Oyster! By going through a thorough Career Development process (whether on your own or with the help of a Career Coach) which includes Self Assessment, Resume & Cover Letter Building, Polishing your Professional LinkedIn Profile, Conducting Job Market Research via Networking as well as by Reading Job Postings, Company Websites, & Industry Trends, you can explore all avenues to find out which is best for your next career move. Having goals and keeping to your action plan is essential, as is remaining fluid and changing the plan of action as you acquire new information in this quest. The bottom line is that you can do anything you set your mind to, and you will naturally gravitate to the best path by gaining the information that will then shape your inclination and motivation. My Article: An Overview of the Job Search Process

If you would like to create your own Resumes & Cover Letters, my Templates are available for purchase in Word Document format. All template purchases come with my Job Search Guide to Career Development (see table of contents) which can serve as your personal guide to the entire process.  This publication takes into account every tip & trick I have gleaned in over a decade of working with thousands of clients. 

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