Angel McCormack

Executive / MBA Career Counselor

Marketing / Business Consultant

Holistic Health / Weston A. Price Foundation

As a pioneer in the field of delivering both in-person and on-line career counseling, coupled with extensive research in holistic health, my primary goal is to impart life-changing career self efficacy and inspiration to my clients by providing empathic coaching, personalized guidance, finely tuned career search resources, and carefully curated Holistic Health Information (if needed).   Helping people create manageable action plans, achieve greater understanding of the job market to best present their accomplishments, and how health impacts all of this and what to do about it, has resulted in 1000s of fulfilling careers and lives for my clients.

In my Career Counseling Private Practice I have worked with diverse clientele of career changers or enhancers. Concurrently employed by UC Davis Graduate School of Management, I pioneered their first-ever distance counseling strategy/process for the Working Professional population (those in careers at least 10+ years obtaining their MBAs to move up, or change industries or functions). I have worked with 1000s of clients in all functions and all industries: Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Health Care, Renewable Energies, Technology, CPG, Non-Profits, Corporate Social Responsibility, and many more. Clients have ranged from those in mid level careers to CEOs, CFOs, General Managers, Managing Principals, Strategy Consultants, M.D.s, J.D.s,  etc.  Select companies of clients include: Google, Apple, Sony, Paypal, CalPERS, Blackrock, Well Fargo Financial, Cisco, Intel, PG&E, Chevron, SMUD, State of California, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Genentech, Blue Shield, and countless more.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Career Counseling, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, am Certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Certified as a Leadership Architect by Korn Ferry, and Co-Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation's Sacramento Chapter. I have authored many Career Counseling related publications including Effective e-Counseling, Job Search TipsThe MBA Shelf Life (2022), and 1000s of confidential Case Studies. After conducting extensive Master’s level research of Psychological Theory that included the works of Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Carl Rogers, and Fritz Perls just to name a few, my theoretical approach to Counseling is a Humanistic mix of Existential, Person Centered, Gestalt, and Behaviorism schools of thought (as detailed in my Career Counseling Theory).

Please find my Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Job Search Tools which include Resumes and Cover Letters templates, Interview Prep Templates, and a comprehensive Job Search Guide, all available for purchase. If you would like to contract my Executive Services, all of which can be available remotely, email me today:  To view my 100's of endorsements and 20+ recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn Profile.

    ★  Please note that in order to practice the balanced life that I preach, I have to limit the number of new clients I take on based upon current caseload.  ★

My last Holistic Health related Business and Marketing Consulting assignment was for an international start-up focused on natural health and healing for people who became compromised by the mainstream medical system. In that year long assignment, I took it from start-up through incorporation.  I edited the book "21 Nutrition & Health Lies Keeping You Sick" on Amazon April 2018, increased leads by 300% in the first week after taking over YT comments, increased sales by 300% in 3 months after taking over all client correspondence, interfaced with the CPA to incorporate the business, then provided vetted marketing strategies, processes, and procedures to outsource offshore in December 2018.

Prior to that I was the Marketing Consultant for a Commercial Real Estate / Property Management firm where I created and executed the Apartment Advisory Team’s marketing strategy for over a decade through July 2018. In that time we closed 52 transactions worth $320 Million, comprised of 3151 multi-family units. I oversaw marketing collateral creation, database management, and website creation/management for 7 divisions: Apartment Advisory Team, Property Management California, Property Management Nevada,  Manufactured Housing California, Manufactured Housing Washington, Manufactured Housing Nevada, and TRIScapes California.